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February 2021

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Prairie Heights PTO agenda

February 3, 2020 6:00PM

7930 Indian Village Heights

1. Attendance

2. Updates about donations for silent auction

3. Vote to open checking account for PTA – Which Bank?

4. Other business

5. Adjournment

PHE PTA Meeting 02/03


Chelsea Scoggin, James Boloish, Emily Goggin, Victoria Mueller, Tiffany

Cannon, Wade Cannon, Michele Cheesman


Last Meeting Follow-up

1. Update on auction items

New Business

● Book Fair

● Looking ahead for the year

● Bank for PTA account


● Casey was able to send emails/fill out applications for: Republic

shooting range, Applebees, Seven Falls, Hot Wash Car Express, Cheyenne

Mountain Zoo, Bass Pro/ Cabelas, Skate City, Chik-Fil-A

● James brought the rest of the bikes for the kids and was able to get a

gift basket from Texas Roadhouse

● Need to revisit to apply for grant money

● Pendning a little more research, Charity Auctions will probably be our

best option

● Moved the date of the auction to May 15-22

● Book Fair will be May 3rd-14th, We have $200 scholastic dollars towards

bingo for books- as we get closer we will need to decide it we would

like to get more

● Teacher appreciation is the first week in may, we would like to start

planning for this at our next meeting

● We received the bowling passes from King Pin Lanes to help yearbook

sales, will get Walmart gift cards as we get closer

● Need to follow up on wixsite for emails

● ENT will be our bank for funds. Chelsea and Emily will go to open the


● Next meeting will be March 3rd

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